Every single individual has unlimited potential within themselves. A body of knowledge is a great tool which can helps to extract these unlimited potentials. It is often stated that people don’t know what they don’t know.
This is an era of disruptive innovation. The dynamics for disruptions start when we realize that inherently facts cannot be complex—usually, the way they are assembled together is what makes them complex.

Virtually anything we experience in life appears to be complex on the surface—especially when we are unaware of the facts regarding that specific experience. The contemporary method available to train people to think differently, actually presents simple issues in not only a complex manner, but also presents it as something that is beyond reach of “normal” people. As a society, we are failing to recognize and understand the natural workings of our brain and the driving factors of our brain. The School of Disruptive Innovation Toronto employs a one-on-one, personalized training to bridge any identified gaps. This method is capable of transforming local innovators suited for local circumstances to local disruptive innovators for next generation’s consumer needs.