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Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine that originated over three millennia ago in the South Asian region, offers extensive insights about food and health based on certain unique conceptual as well as theoretical positions. Contemporary knowledge is reinventing and advancing several of these concepts in an era of systems biology, personalized medicine, and the broader context of a more holistic transition in sciences in general. Trans-disciplinary research is now highly beneficial not only for pushing the boundaries of food and health sciences but also for providing practical solutions for contemporary health and healing foods product development.

sdiToronto enables you to stay ahead of the competition, assist you to launch any food or herbal products more quickly, provide you confidence in the products developed and ultimately save you time and money. Projects are completed on a fully confidential basis and are tailored to your needs. From concept ideation, formulation optimization, pilot trials, and product evaluation through to commercialization, we account for all aspects of healing and nutritional properties of herbs and spices into the food and beverage product development.

The mind is directly influenced by the quality of food eaten, food preparation, appearance, aroma, and freshness of the food. These factors influence all five senses and regulate proper digestion. Our innovation module is designed to work with you in partnership and guide you through the whole product development process or we can support your internal team in a specific area of innovation. Review meetings will enable you to keep up to date during the process and provide effective knowledge-transfer.

Selection of right ingredients, and optimizing appropriate processing parameters combine with compatible process to incorporate right herbs and spices into the formulation is very crucial in enhancing flavor and taste. Our expertise to maintain the quality of the food that maintains appropriate nutrition, regulates emotion, mental agility and mental vigor. Our robust body of knowledge and ability to translate idea into realtime operations enables us to support your innovative product development requirements. Having access to well-equipped laboratory, pilot-scale, and commercial facilities allow us to blend the traditional healing food idea with the cutting-edge science of organic vegan live-food to creates an integrated path toward the well being of oneself and the Earth.

We have many years of collective experience within the team to fuse the outcomes of cutting edge science and the traditional practices in plant-based herbal insights, knowledge and a strong passion for food product development. Our scientists and technologists work outside the box to innovate new or existing products to meet your requirements dictated by the demands of the next generation.

Our extensive knowledge of ingredients, and their behavior alone and in groups enables us to make disruptive innovation happen in most formulations, desired physical form, health benefits and where required, stability, shelf life, and flavor profilings.

We are experienced in flavor creation, manipulation and ensuring that the end product is optimized to deliver the intended characteristics throughout the shelf life. We have a deep knowledge of sweeteners, including natural extracts, extractives, essential oils and are skilled in bitter masking and stabilization. Mouthfeel and texture are also part of the comprehensive taste optimization service offered. This ensures every aspect of your product meets both your expectations and the high standards of your end consumer. We integrate local, organic, plant-based, native, wild and in-season foods according to one’s unique constitutional blueprint.

sdiToronto has identified its strength to cater the increasing demands of Raw Herbs, Herb Extracts, Herb Powder, Natural Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Cosmetic Oils, Cosmetic Butters, Cosmetic Gels, etc for the products of Food, Pharma, Perfumery, Flavor & Fragrance and Cosmetic industry. Also, we are a Specialist and knowledge and technology transfer agent for all types of Herbal Products.

We deal in a wide range of :

Body Butters
Raw Herbs
Herbs Extract
Herbs Powder
Spices Oil
100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Massage Oils
Herbal Hair Care Products (Paraben Free and Sulphate Free)
Herbal Skin Care Products (Paraben Free and Sulphate Free)
Aromatherapy & Spa Products
Hand Herbal Soaps with Natural Essential Oils
Medicinal Seeds and Plants
Medicinal Plant Contract Farming
Herbal Incense Sticks & Dhoops

We attempt with our best to meet the increasing demands in the field of product development, quality assurances, legal registrations, and providing professional services for:

Herbal & Natural Remedies
Food & Spices
Hair Care & Skin Care
Essential Oils, Carrier Oils
Perfumery, Flavor, and Attar
Ayurvedic Health Care Center
Supplementary Foods
Health Care Products
Phytochemicals & Alkaloids
Aromatherapy & Spa


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