Ayurvedic supplements by its nature cannot be generic. This means, any over-the-counter supplements and healing foods claiming to be Ayurvedic cannot be truly Ayurvedic in any real sense!

True Ayurveda always begins with special requirements of your individual customer. Because, the ayurvedic way of solving a problem with every customer is very unique and must be personalized. For that you need customized healing food and herbal supplements as needed by the special needs of your customer.

sdiToronto offer you ayurvedic solutions for your exact business need to meet the changing requirements of your customers. Based on individuals’ special needs dictated by body’s composition, nature and complexities we do innovate and custom manufacture ayurvedic supplement through highly specialized compounding techniques.

Our highly specialized healing food scientist and ayurvedic product innovators are dedicated to develop customer specific highly innovative ayurvedic supplements. Our highly proprietary innovation lab situated in Toronto is capable to supply you customized innovative supplements in required quantity, physical form (Liquid, powder, aerosol supplements or as cream or other mode of applications) time efficiently.

We also help you to develop highly innovative ayurvedic supplements, private level manufacturing and your facility audit confirming your manufacturing complies with norms of ayurvedic manufacturing based on the criteria developed by sdiToronto.

We are introducing sdiToronto as the world’s only one innovative laboratory for Ayurvedic supplements manufacturing and endorsements. Our all formulations are based on pure, natural ingredients herbs, and customized to suit your unique needs complying with applicable country specific regulatory requirements.

For innovative co-creation request, please write with details to pafcanada@gmail.com